Simulating slow connections using SpeedLimiter

Well, it is most of the times we are always craving for a better bandwidth, but there are times when we want to work on minimum bandwidth. This happens often in testing scenarios.  Recenty I was working  on a small project which required the use of ajax indicator. As I was working on my localhost, I couldn’t even see properly how the ajax indicator looked like. So I searched for a way to simulate the real “internet” scenario i.e. simulating low bandwidth in my localhost and I found SpeedLimiter quite handy in doing so. Besides just for such purposes, simulating low bandwidth on localhost also helps us test our websites in the worst internet connections without actually uploading the site to the live.
Here is the screenshot of speedlimiter which I downloaded from

Using speedlimiter is so so easy,  put the bandwidth you want to run your site on in the first step.  To simulate slow connection for localhost, simply write localhost or in the second step.

In the more settings, mention a unused port and click the activate button.

Now if example you have a site in localhost with the url http://localhost/quicksand , to see the speedlimiter working, you need to open the site using the port mentioned in the speedlimiter. So instead ofhttp://localhost/quicksand, it becomes http://localhost:8081/quicksand

Once the site with this port is opened, the speedlimiter begins to show the detailed information about the connection.

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