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As a developer, even the thought of talking in front of a crowd could be intimidating, especially if you are the kind of developer with the “weird” habit of talking to yourself; well you may have this thing coz computers don’t talk unless there are some free people on the other side of the “internet”. I teach ASP.NET and Web Tech in a college for BSCIT students. It is more like training than teaching because it is all about knowing “how to do it” instead of “what it is”. Moreover, with programming courses like, the whole idea of teaching could boil down to simple demonstrations and lab excercises and unlike in the theory classes, the real examples should make everything crystal clear. That sounds like valid assumption but the same “ideal situation” comes into play, I mean, yes that is possible when the “lab session” is carried out in a “vacumm” i.e. no such thing as resistance.

Your knowledge about the subject matter definitely helps you muster up the courage to face the mass but things can change suddenly after you enter the classroom. A bunch of eyes stare at you, some would look curious, some funny, some intimidating, some don’t bother for an expression.

Now unless you are a good performer on the stage, the way you carry on the class is entirely tied up with those expressions; your ability to interpret expressions could be put on test here and there is a high chance it fails, students talking and laughing on their own personal stuffs could send you “offending” signals, some don’t even care about what you speak, the whole thing worsens when there is free wi-fi available and it is allowed to use smart phones in the class. So during different instances of the class session, it might feel as if you are in front of your laptop, coding/programming, and the real students in the front become like the people in your facebook chat; u wouldn’t bother paying attention to any unless someone buzzes you, so you are lost again.
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